Download not putting the downloaded files in the "undefined" Group area

Quick question....Just trying to figure out why when I download a new symbol list, the program doesn't place the quotes in the "Undefined" Are for Groups. It does this for the Market ones, but for the Groups one, it just dumps them into the previously defined groups list that I had for my previous symbol list download. Any insight on whether I'm doing something wrong, not checked a certain box in preferences, or is this a small glitch? I thought it should automatically dump them in the undefined area for the Groups Heading.

Cheers and thanks.

Where symbols go after import is USER-DEFINABLE and controlled by
command in the ASCII importer definition file (one of .format inside "Formats" subdirectory). Everything is explained super-detailed way in the manual that you need to read:

If user did not modify those files, they usually have:

$GROUP 254

(This is taken for example from aqh.format file for Yahoo Historical)
which means that added symbols land in group 254.
You should use this group for "Newly imported" symbols, not anything else.

See also

FWIW: the "Undefined" group is just group 0 (zero). But it is nothing special about it. It is only used if you add symbols by hand (Symbol->New).

Wow. Very good. Thanks, @Tomasz for the detailed reply, Really helps out.

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