Download symbols from IQ Feed

I am able to enter symbols from IQ Feed one by one into Amibroker but I cannot figure out how to do it in bulk? Any help would be appreciated.


Should be as simple as creating a list of symbols ( one line per symbol) in excel or text editor save as txt or csv file.
In amibroker create a new watch list and import the text file.
Works with eSignal so should be same for IQ Feed.
Open the watchlist in amibroker and click on each symbol or run an exploration on the watch list to force backfill of each symbol.

Thanks Richard but first I have to get all the symbols into Excel. I do not want to add 5,000 symbols one by one to import them. I can add them one by one directly into Ami; I am looking for a quicker way.

Any relation to Pete Scanlan?

IQFeed's customer support can provide you with a list. It's a text file called "mktsymbols_v2.txt" and it has about 3 million rows. Good luck with that!

It would be better for you to copy and paste the symbols into a file from the lists on this page: DTN IQFeed Symbol Guide

And make sure you don't import more symbols than your plan allows.