Download the Ib.dll (data plugin) source code

Hi Tomasz,

In the past, you have been very generous in providing the source code of the IB Controller and plug-ins documentation. And it helped a lot. I would like to see the IB.dll source code. Can you give this?


There are no plans to make Interactive Brokers data plugin open source. The example codes for other data plugins (QuoteTracker, QP2) are already included in the AmiBroker Development Kit and are sufficient as an example of how to write data plugins.

Ok, if you don't want other people to change it, then please add the ability to disable subscription to the real-time data. So that the plug-in could backfill historical data only.

That is impossible because Interactive Brokers specifically say that backfills are only available for subscribed data. IB decision, not ours. Can't change it no matter what you do, see: says:

Receiving historical data from the API has the same market data subscription requirement as receiving streaming top-of-book live data [...] Unlike TWS, which can create 'delayed charts' for most instruments without any market data subscriptions that have data up until 10-15 minutes prior to the current moment; the API always requires Level 1 streaming real time data to return historical data.