Downloaded EOD data shows up way too big in chart

I'm setting up Amibroker on a new computer. I copied a database to the new computer that I used earlier on an other computer where it worked fine. On the new computer I can open the db and it looks fine. But when I now download the last 10 days with amiquote it gets crazy. The last 10 days are imported to Amibroker way too big, se attached files.

Leftclick in the ticker in amiquote shows the data, it seems to be ok:

Quote editor shows the data. It has way too big figures:

Here is yahoo.format:

It seems like the decimal point somehow is lost. Has someone experience from this or similar problem?

First of all yahoo.format is NOT the file that is used for import Historical data from Yahoo Finance. The format definition file used is aqh.format. And judging from incorrect import I guess that that file aqh.format was modified / changed and its content is incorrect causing incorrect imports.

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Yes, that is correct. I found the error:
The error was I had an old aqh.format file, where the latest updates for yahoo was missing ($FORMAT). I thought I had everything updated but somehow I missed that file. Sorry for that.