Drawing trend lines

Is there any way that the trend lines, for example, are only shown in one time frame and not in all of them?

Thank you!

You didn't mention whether you refer to hand drawn studies or programmatically drawn lines.

See layers for hand drawn ones

As for programmatically ones

if ( Interval(2) == "inDaily" ) {
   // then plot lines


I refer hand draw studies.

I already unlocked default layer and intraday, daily and weekly.

In properties I selected lock visibility for each interval, I want them to be independent on each chart, but it only lets me draw on one for example intraday and when I try on the other chart on daily it tells me "You are attempting to draw on invisible layer".

How to make them independent in each chart?

Thank you

You have to select the layer you are drawing on and that layer should be visible.

You're right Tomasz, thank you.

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