Dtn iq feed data plugin - auto data flushing

I work with a minimum of 1-year intraday data. To do that I store historical data in DB and work with continuous RT streaming. But the issue is everyday historical data gets flushed & eventually whole hard saved historical data is removed in a couple of weeks and I have to upload data again manually. I spoke to IQ feed team they advised having a discussion with the Amibroker team. Also sharing SS of DB configuration.




Hi nanu,
your database is limited to 100000 bars, 1 bar per minute implies you can only store a few weeks/months. So first increase this number to at least 360000.

For 365 days worth of INTRADAY data you should have at least
24 * 60 * 365 = 525 000 bars.

This assumes that you turn OFF "Mixed intraday/EOD data" mode in the settings.

If you want mixed mode you have to add extra bars to keep EOD data. 10 years worth of EOD needs extra 3650 bars.

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