Dumb question about new AFL numbering

This really doesn't matter I suppose but was curious how Amibroker comes up its default "Formula XX" number.

For some reason now when I open up the AFL Editor, the default name is "Formula 29". What usually happens is I'm tinkering away with some things and just never save them with a name unless its something I'm going to keep. On my old PC I'm pretty sure I'd just delete the garbage "Formula XX" files and say I deleted "Formula 1", well that would be available and be the new default on opening of editor.

Not that it even matters, just a bit of OCD kicking in. Figured their was some files associated with Formula 28 perhaps somewhere but a file explorer across Amibroker see's nothing. Erased reports thinking perhaps that has an association.

Some time in the past it tried existing names from 1 but this was slow because generally file system is slow. If somebody had thousands of files clicking "new formula" could even take few seconds. Now it stores last generated value in the registry to start counting from that. This guarantees that we don't need to check thousands of file names for existence.

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