Duplicate: Amiquote EOD downloading issues


I am keep getting this message even though I am downloading data in Amiquote once in two weeks.
How to fix these Amiquote issues? Also How do I update to 4.02 version ?


I have been running v4.02 for a long while without any issue until today (first trading day of March 2020). It has exact the same issue as you reported and basically is not usable now ...


This thread is a duplicate.

All solutions are ALREADY given on this forum. Use search before you assume that you are the very first person on this planet with given question.

The problem is LOCAL, caused by LOCAL YAHOO SERVER that you are connected to and only YAHOO can address this (and they usually do in hours or days). Nothing with this regard needs to be done in AmiQuote, see:


Duplicate thread of already existing AmiQuote not working with yahoo EOD today (probably for some in Asia only)