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Hi all,
Somebody blocked my downloading, when I try to download a data from Yahoo, When I told about this first time in this forum , Tomasz explained it as Yahoo rules, to block some people, who downloaded a lot. I downloaded today data, NASDAQ 100, and it is again block, when I used my second computer. I can not download from my first computer. Seems to me, Amibroker doing it. Why? I am a retail customer. Nobody, except me, using my computer.

First give the ERROR message you get. We don't see your computer screen.

Secondly, no, AmiBroker/AmiQuote is not doing anything. AmiQuote is just web browser.

You are likely to be downloading TOO FAST and Yahoo may block your computer's IP address to protect their servers from abuse, you must use slower settings (see: Yahoo EOD is Unreliable thread). I've seen people using 50 simultaneous downloads. That is guaranteed to cause Yahoo treat you like you are attacking their servers. Also if you are on dynamic IP (check your ISP) then you get the IP that could be used by other people and such IP may be blacklisted, although the chance for this is very low.

Go to Tools->Settings in AmIQuote and select Fail safe default (ONE simultaneous download).


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