Duplicate: How to create Renko chart using Rangebar


I have tried to use the Rangebar but I am unable to get it to work like an actual Renko chart.

I have attached 3 files for your reference:
Actual Renko chart - This is the desired result from another software.
Amibroker-Renko chart using Range bar- This how the Amibroker chart appears currently.
Amibroker-Formula used for Renko chart using Range bar- Shows the formula used to create the chart in Amibroker.

Could you please advise on how to setup a Renko chart in Amibroker using Rangebar so that it appears similar to the Actual Renko chart shown in the attachment?

Actual%20Renko%20chart Amibroker-Formula%20used%20for%20Renko%20chart%20using%20Range%20bar Amibroker-Renko%20chart%20using%20Range%20bar


You need TICK DATA as a source to produce range bars. Besides the thread is a duplicate of existing topic.

Thread is a duplicate of existing topic: