Duplicate: How to load NSE stocks tickers

Can you please guide me the procedure for loading INDIAN stock market NSE symbols

Amibroker is an advanced application.
You have to read the manual and guide thoroughly.
It is explained clearly in detail with images.

Also read the forum rules. It is mandatory.

@sureshkarnum you need to create a list of tickers and the use AmiQuote to download and import data.

Before doing so, it is essential to decide what your AmiQuote data source will be (Yahoo or others) because based on this decision you may end up using different tickers (for example, Yahoo uses a .NS suffix for NSE titles while for other providers it may not be necessary or use a different one).

This site offers some guidelines to download Indian stocks lists. (I'm sure that there are other sources - Google for it).

If you need to add a suffix, I suggest to load the .csv file in Excel and use its string manipulation functions to add it to the ticker. Alternatively, use a text editor with some macro capabilities.
When done, save the modified file in the .csv format again.

Then you can use the Import Wizard to import the list of symbols in your new database (be sure to check the No quotation data: to import data that do not contain prices (when dealing only ticker lists and categories). Using the wizard allows you to import also full names and possibly other fields.

Finally, when you have successfully imported the tickers in the database, use AmiQuote to download and import data.

If you do not care about full names (and additional fields), you can also use a more straightforwarde .tls text file that contains only the tickers (one per line) as exemplified in this previous reply.
For a full explanation of such approach please read this document.


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