Duplicate: I don't see TC2000 datasource option anymore

Is it no longer supported?

v6.002 and its 32bit


The thread is duplicate of: How to use Telechart / TC2000 data feed - don't create duplicate threads.

@trunda, I have it working perfectly in version 6.10 32 bits:


I followed exacltly the Intructions on how to use TeleChart/TC2000

Thanks. I just reinstalled my version and looks like it is now available. I don't know what happened to my current install.

I am trying to login to TC2000 v7 at the moment but having trouble. Is this common? v17 is logging on fine however.

No. As usual only one connection at time is available. You need to enter your screen name and not an email in the user name field.

I still use v12.6 for BATS and alerts without needing real-time data as the versions above 16 require.
That being said, I'm currently logged into both v7 (I really only use it to get EOD data for AmiBroker) and v12.6xx simultaneously.


They told me I need to be Gold or above on my membership to have access to v7.

Pls let me know if you are on Silver and v7 works!


Sorry. I'm Gold, well my subscription is Gold.

I don't see TC2000 option in the drop down menu of data source in database settings.
I am using Amibroker 6.20.1 Professional 32 bit edition. Please advise. Screenshot is attached.
FYI - I ran full installation again but TC2000 option didn't show up.

Everything is explained here: How to use Telechart / TC2000 data feed

Just precisely follow the instructions. And don't run "registry cleaners" and similar nonsense. If you run "registry cleaners" you must cleanly install TC2K using cleanup procedure described in How to use Telechart / TC2000 data feed

This thread is DUPLICATE, use the original thread How to use Telechart / TC2000 data feed

The thread is a duplicate of: How to use Telechart / TC2000 data feed