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I have a problem that the window with Symbols, Layers, Layouts and Charts tabs floating on my charts.
I want it to be on the left side of the charts.
How can I do this? Tried to read the manual, but hav´ent found a solution!


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Not behind my PC to verify, one of those things I just naturally do.

Should be able to click the thumbtack in top right and it will pin it. Think by default it will be on the left. If not you can drag it like any window to top, left, right, bottom.


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I have a similar problem. I can't find my symbols window (it is autohiding) and all my windows are messed up because I was playing around with it and trying to fix it. How do I go back to default windows layouts?

Also, is there a way to get the windows have buttons vertically as shown in the attached image circled re? I read the user manual and searched but was unable to find this.

Appreciate any assistance with this, thank you.

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