DUPLICATE: Studies vs chart template

Is it possible/feasible to do the following in Amibroker:

  • I have a chart layout with 4 windows with 4 different time frames for the same symbol - is it possible to apply different chart template to each of these windows? I thought it is possible and i tried - but whatever i am doing in one window, i am seeing it replicated in other windows of the same layout. For eg: I want 34 EMA in one time frame and 5 EMA in other time frame in other window
  • Same question as above for studies: I want some studies to be across the windows in the layout and some studies specific to a window or chart template or a layout - is that feasible? Why am i seeing the studies across different time frame windows, different chart templates, and chart layouts?

I tried searching for and asking in this forum before, but i couldnt progress - should i start from scratch redefining the layouts and templates so i have different chart ids that enables these?
Thank you..Satish

I apologize for offending - i didnt mean to ignore prior responses - but it didnt help me because i didnt want to recreate the charts again to ensure the chart id is different - and if that's the only way, then i will retry leveraging your prior response..

I was trying to explain the context a bit more here in this thread - but if i need to put that in the same thread i can certainly do so..

In the first thread I recorded an animated gif for you and advised you to try that to avoid your problems. In the second one I described what you should do and provided you with some additional links. I was ready to assist you and help further but you didn't respond in any way. Now - after several days you create another thread and start all over again ignoring prior posts and my replies. So this time I'm not going to participate.

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Thanks for helping - i will try and revert

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