Duplicate: Symbol for E-Mini S&P 500


I am using TWS for data connectivity with my AmiBroker. I want to build a system and trade "E-Mini S&P 500 futures" (GLOBEX).

In TWS, I found the symbol to be "ESM1" for this. But when I add the same AmiBroker, I am getting the message that "this is not a valid symbol".

Can someone please help me with the correct symbol for this to use in AmiBroker?

Thanks in advance.


I do not need the functionality but did you search in the forum or via google for your problem? I found this information: How to find correct IB symbol using TWS - Data Sources / IB - AmiBroker Community Forum

I did look it up in TWS. I found the symbol to be "ESM1". But in AmiBroker, I am getting invalid symbol messageMessage_AmiBroker E-Mini S&P 500 .

When I add MSFT, TSLA etc.. i was able to get the data normally.


Read the link peter1 gave you. It shows how.

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Because this symbol is WRONG.

Follow instructions instead of guessing. Use SEARCH before posting.

Duplicate of: How to find correct IB symbol using TWS