Duplicate: Unable to display Candles for time periods below Weekly

I have just installed Version 6.40.0 (64 bit and 24 August 2021 build) on a new PC. I am having a problem that I have not seen before. I normally work on daily charts (1 candle per day). When I display a symbol I only get red coloured bars even if I select View -ChartStyle-Candlesticks. However if I move to a Weekly display the Candlesticks are correctly displayed. I have tried a complete reinstall and also downloaded all the data again. But still no solution. This is all before using any afl code. I am wondering if this may be an issue with the new graphics technique discribed in the release notes. Interestingly, I have this same version on a desktop and the problem does not occur. If you require more info please ask. The only thing I have not tried yet is to uninstall and try an earlier version of Amibroker.Capture

Candles are displayed just fine, but they are all DOJIs because open == close
in your DATA SOURCE.

You did not say that but apparently you are using Metastock data and that data are invalid.

This is duplicate of:

I have solved this whilst the message was being approved. Turnsout Metastock Symmbol Utility files were causing the issue.