Duplicate: What`s the correct stock cfd symbol for TWS

i can't get data for stock cfd
i have tried these symbol,
none of them work

so ,what`t the correct symbol for stock cfd

other side:
ibus30-smart-cfd-usd works fine for index cfd

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Note also that even if symbol is correct, it does not mean that TWS has historical data for it. You should try TWS own CHARTS to display offending symbol. In case of many CFDs, TWS will display notification that only chart of underlying (i.e. STOCK PRICE) is available. If you attempt to chart such symbol in AmiBroker you will get error 2127, like this:


Which means exactly what it says: TWS does NOT offer historical data for that symbol and you can't display its chart. And TWS official advice is to use underlying symbol (stock). There is no "workaround" or "fix" for any application using TWS API as the data is missing at the source (@IB).

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