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I have my own database which I keep it updated using a Python script.

I'm wondering how I can write my database in AmiBroker format without necessary to export to Metastock format and use the MetaStock data plug-in.

I had once replied to an old thread and i read quite a lot about DB in AB context.

Afaik AB DB is a proprietary format and it encodes other stuff apart from plain ohlcv, oi etc and you wont be able to do it.
But another way is to use the Plugins from ODBC/SQL Universal Data/AFL plugins and connect directly to your DB or even see the MongoDB ODBC if it is NoSQL. I'm not sure of other NoSQL DBs but atleast this is a good start.
Of course performance of AB DB is superior to other ways but that is all i can say for your brief question.



You should not write AmiBroker database directly.

Recommended way of updating database from external programs/scripts without using plugins is just running Import() method from OLE interface or using batch ASCII import

The subject was covered so many times on this forum, so don't start new thread about the same thing, use SEARCH instead:


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Duplicate of many existing topics.