Dynamic margin call


IB's (and not only) margins are dynamical, i.e. change over time and on CFDs for example are computed as 5 standard deviations of the historical volatility.
This implies that a position could be margin called just due to the margin increase, even if it was ok before the margin change.

This happened for example in the past, see this class action ,https://financefeeds.com/customers-interactive-brokers-file-class-action-complaint-management-portfolio-margin-accounts/ , and is a very serious risk.

How can the margin calls be simulated in presence of dynamic margins?
Note that the only way to do it is to compute the equity=cash+position value at each bar and check if equity>margin.
This cannot be accomplished with a stop because it requires the knowledge of the entry price to determine the value of equity. In case of a margin call it would be necessary to choose what position to close or reduce (IB does it kind of randomly), but for simplicity let's just say we want to simulate this for a single product, and exit completely the trade (in principle it would be enough to reduce the position, but with daily data it would be difficult to simulate).
Is there a way to do it without custom backtesting? Any code already doing it?
I would be surprised if it has not been done already since it is such a common scenario

So far I just used the maximum historical margin as a worst case scenario and never used a smaller one but it is severely limiting the leverage, and there could always be a situation in which the margins are greater than they have ever been in the past.

Margin calls are very common so there must be a way to simulate them realistically or any backtesting would be (and it actually is) completely unreliable.


I would also add some food for thought as well. I knew of a trader (Pit Bean Options) who also had an IB account which he place GTC orders from home. Anyway, he ended up getting a margin call, but to his surprise, the positions IB reduced/exited were his profitable ones, not his losing ones! This actually adversely affected (made worse) his PnL for the day. Apparently IB exited what they could quickly and easily (well acting markets) rather than what they should have. Now they might have MC order precedence settings, not sure.

So beware of the details.

It of course CAN be done easily with custom backtester. But exercise is not worth effort. If you are getting margin calls it means that your leverage is too high and you are going to blow up account sooner or later. So for sake of staying in business lower your levarage.

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