Dynamic Price Labels Upon Ctrl Mouse Click

Amibroker has many rich capabilities.I wish in future version we get an inbuilt tool for generating dynamic Price Labels upon Mouse Click.Though I referred to some previous posts I couldn't find anything that addresses what I am looking for. I want to generate Dynamic Price Labels when I Ctrl +mouse left click .By Dynamic I mean ,the price label text should be able to update itself when it is dragged to a newer pivot on the chart. I would appreciate any help in this regard.

The feature already exists.

  1. Use Horizontal line tool to draw the price level you wish

  2. Using Properties dialog make sure to select "Show Y value on right and it will display automatically price label that updates itself as you move the line

Thanks Tomasz. It will be great if this feature of "Show Y Value on right " can be also be implemented in the future for Trendlines which can also be used to draw Horizontal Rays ie short Horizontal lines.

This feature is for horizontal lines. Lines that are not horizontal (like rays) don't have one Y level.