Dynamic read of minY/maxY in chart

Hi I have tried to read back minY and maxY each time the chart is zoom in/out with following but they are always read 0

axisminy = Status ( "axisminy" ); //retrieves the minimum (bottom) value of Y axis
axismaxy = Status ( "axismaxy" ); //retrieves the maximum (top) value of Y axis

Any help would be appreciated.

@mmqp, I suggest to check this old thread for a couple of examples that use Status ( "axisminy" ) and Status ( "axismaxy" ) and an alternative approach.

In particular, please, read carefully the note at the bottom of the first example.

It may not be your case, but maybe it helps you better understand the reason for the result you see.

@beppe, thanks for the pointer, Initial browse of the old thread, I think this is what I am look for. Will dive into the code.

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