Dynamic symbol for backtesting

Hi all,
I'm attempting to Perform backtest only on a the script (chosen by the afl code from a .txt file generated by python)
the .txt file is generated by python based on a indicator written on python

but my problem is that if the backtest is applied to

  1. all symbol, the backtester backtests for all the scripts
  2. current symbol, then the backtester backtests only for selected script

I want the AFL to only backtest on the scripts (listed in the .txt file)
I cannot select the scripts manually because there are almost 1 scripts in single .txt file
and there are 25 different .txt files in a day
The .txt files are as 010120220915.txt for 01st jan 2022 9:15
010120220930.txt for 01st jan 2022 9:30
010120220945.txt for 01st jan 2022 9:45

I've had limited luck so far getting this to work

my problem is:
Not sure how to tell if backtester which scripts to trade on.

Here's the flow of my program .

  1. read 010120220915.txt(for 01st jan 2022 9:15)
  2. trade on scripts in the above txt file
  3. read 010120220930.txt(for 01st jan 2022 9:30)
  4. trade on scripts in the above txt file

I'm able to read the .txt file based on time of candle
but I'm unable to trade on the this script (as all symbols are selected in APPLY To option)

Has anyone had luck with the above or would you have advice on the above would greatly help me?

Thanks for reading.

You can use Filter: Watch List
Then you can generate watch lists programmatically because they are just text files, for more information read the Users' manual:


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