E-SIGNAL Composite Recalculation Error

Hey Everyone, My current data source is E-signal real-time, with the use of an extended data package, which makes me utilise mixed EOD and intraday Data.

The issue i currently have is when i try to use the composite recalculation tool to find the number of advancing/declining issues, the tool suddenly stops responding and nothing is calculated as a result. I think this may have to do with the E-Signal Mixed EOD and Intraday data.

Any Solutions would be appreciated.

The tool is for off-line databases. eSignal has its own composite symbols. Use eSignal indices web page to find out.

$ADV NYSE Advancing Issues
$DECL NYSE Declining Issues
$ISSU NYSE Advance/Decline/Unchanged

$ADVQ NASDAQ Advancing Issues
$DECLQ NASDAQ Declining Issues
$UCHGQ NASDAQ Unchanged Issues


Thanks Tomasz :slight_smile: