E-signal vs IQ Feed

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I am considering a live and historical data feed based on minute data for Futures, Forex and Stocks. IQ Feed and E-signal are two viable options.

Would anyone please suggest any reason to choose one over the other ? As they provide almost similar service and markets which could make the selection process confusing.

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i use eSignal for 2 main reasons

1 they provide live data for ASX shares (which I used to trade), IQ feed does not.
2 eSignal has an add-on called eSignal Futures trader which links directly to CQG which my futures Broker, Macquarie, uses. This means I only need to pay exchange fees via eSignal and then the same eSignal data feed, covers Amibroker, eSignal app and my Brokers futures trading platform.
eSignal has been reliable and has reasonable level of support when needed.



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Dear Richard,

Thanks for your feedback. Given your insights coupled with TJ’s comments on an earlier post, I consider e-signal could be a better option.

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IQ feed does not correct stock splits, does eSignal do this?

I don't use eSingal but here is some info from their web site. Looks like they adjust for splits, but not dividends. Hope this helps you.


I believe they do splits for us stocks.

I don’t trade us stocks so I can’t confirm.

They don’t adjust ASX Australian stocks so I made the split adjustment in Amibroker.

I’m away on holidays at moment only have iPhone. Back Wednesday if you have a stock symbol I can run a check on eSignal data for you if you like?

Regards Richard Scanlan

The IQFeed daily bars have the splits and all the good stuff adjusted. Its only the intraday data which is unadjusted. so I keep 2 database copies.

Hi Richard,
If i dont have an exchange account, can I still buy historical and live 1 min intraday data from esignal? I need data for CL and ES. Thanks for your help.

You need an eSignal subscription first.
ES is on CME Globex
CL IS NYMEX Exchange
Then you pay exchange fees to get access to realtime data.
ESignal has a broker exchange fee waiver which if your broker is part of the waiver scheme will give cheaper access to both CME and NYMEX.

You can purchase delayed US futures data which is generally only 10 minutes delayed for a much cheaper rate good for testing but not recommended for real trading.

All eSignal fees are described in detail on their website.