Edge in a systematic trading

Let's take an example of trading system
Condition1:- Say ema13 and ma34 cross over where when ema13>ma34 ( preferred chart hourly)
Condition2:- when condition1 satisfies, the high of the bar should be long entry if it's crossed by the next bar
If the next bar doesn't crosses the first signal bar when ema13>ma28 then entry gets revised to the next bar high

Say first bar(signal bar) high was 202 and next bar high is 201.4 now our entry gets above 201.4 but again if next bar is unable to cross 201.4 the entry has to be again revised to next bar high
If high doesn't breaks means trade not entered

I hope I could explain the thought process.

Can this be formulated in amibroker???.

@Singh7575, in a Word - YES. It can be done in AFL.

You would need to understand STATE signals, and REFerence to previous values.

Why is the post to be deleted???

@Singh7575, you need to get your "Verified Badge" to ask questions.

Do a Search and you will find instructions.