Edit/Delete a transaction in Account Manager

Apparently, it seems impossible to edit/delete transactions in Account Manager. Could someone help explain how to do that?


Possibly highlight transaction then select edit > undo..

As documented

If you made mistake, you can press UNDO (Edit->Undo) to revert last transaction.

But editing past transaction in the middle of history is not allowed, because that would invalidate entire history (equity would be all wrong and subsequent transaction could even become impossible to take)

If you for some reason must edit, do it on your own. Account file is plain text XML file so you can edit it with Notepad on your own risk.


Instead of change XML file (not intuitive, and easily corrupted), I think the app should really provide an option to edit, and a warning message is shown to users. In addition, we should have plenty of auto backups.

I wrote you why editing "in the middle" is not feasible. Re-read as my previous answer still applies. Account manager is provided "as is". The decision was made not to develop this part any further since brokers like IB and others provide their own automatic account reporting including paper trade account so this functionality is redundant. If you need bookkeeping super advanced applications you can use 3rd party software. AmiBroker was never meant as bookkeeping application.