Editing AFL from chart dropdown

Just a quick question about editing our scripts. So normally I will access the editor from here to work on an individual script:


But I have also noticed that an editor can be accessed from the chart as well:


There is a difference when accessing from here I noticed. It seems that the script accessed from the chart drop down is actually a compilation of ALL the indicators that may be on the chart at that time. My questions about this are: 1) If editing the compilation of scripts, does it save to the individual files as well or just to the active compilation? 2) Are there precautions that should be taken when editing the compilation and when saving?


I’d point out towards the bottom between insert indicator and insert linked.

Right clicking and editing is just a way to edit the AFL for that chart. But if charts are linked, say using New-> default chart and having the same chart 3 times on one layout. It will save across all them.

If your ever bored. Give the manual a read. Sure you’ll find lots of features your not aware of.


Please take a look into manual and KB before asking about basic stuff. There have been written detailed documentation about such basics already. They aren't no secret hidden findings.

When editing formula from chart pane then you do not edit multiple AFL files at once but just single AFL per pane. So you always edit an existing AFL then. That existing one may be an AFL been inserted via insert method or insert linked method.

See differences between those insert options here

In short,
insert (or via double click from Charts window) -> copy of original formula file being inserted to chart pane
insert linked -> original formula file being inserted to chart pane

If you open the formula editor from AmiBroker tool bar (as in your first picture) then you always open empty editor window to create custom AFL to be saved or not.

Additional note, in Formula editor menu you have two single save options for files:

Save -> saving to current file name
Save as... -> saving to current or different file name

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I would add, searching the manual should be a first step. It really is very comprehensive.

Like any profession, Amibroker and trading in general is huge and complex at the start. Start simple and build on the basics. Once you acquire knowledge and competency in both it becomes relatively easy.

it Is a good manual. I was laughing last year when I moved to office 365 when I use to just have a licence for Excel 2016. They don’t even have a manual in the software. Just some website that’s not easy to navigate through.