Editing of old posts and missing 'like'

Edit behaviour has changed, TJ is probably fine tuning the whole stuff.
Same for “kill message”.
IMO we could removed our own useless messages after a while when they strecht out the post.

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Editing and deletion of your own posts is possible within 10 minutes from posting.

Edits are intended to allow correction of mistakes/omissions.

If you have something to add after days/weeks from posting - use REPLY.

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It’s a pity we can edit the post only a few minutes after submitting it. From my point of view, one of the biggest disadvantages of Yahoo Group was that I was unable to edit/correct my posts after submitting. Let me explain why:

  1. English is not my native language. I do my best to compose a post properly and avoid any mistakes before submitting, but especially when it is a long one (with lots of text, links, pictures etc) I can’t be sure that it is 100% correct. Not that seldom I find things that I would like to correct after some time - when I read my post for the n-th time - even after couple of days.

  2. When the post contains external links, they usually become outdated after some time. Being able to edit it, means we can update them easily.

  3. Some posts need to be updated. Let me provide an example. In this post (on the other forum) Link I write about some ways of making execution of AFL code even faster (some performance tuning tips). At the end of the post I list all changes in consecutive versions of AmiBroker which have something to do with performance. I made this post over a year ago, but thanks to the fact that I can still edit it (and I did it today) it still contains up-to-date information.

@Tomasz maybe you consider some arguments for enabling editing our posts …

@Milosz In a perfect world, you would be right.

But we do not live in a perfect world. Allowing editing forever means that somebody may send say offending post causing avalanche of replies and then he/she edits the original “as if nothing happened” and entire thread loses any sense/context.
That is why editing IS allowed, but only for correcting mistakes (your point 1) for which 10 minutes after posting seems perfectly adequate.

Unfortunately there is no way to distinguish between valid and invalid reasons to edit/delete post after a month/year or so.
If there is really true need to fix incorrect information you can always PM me with request to change.

Besides Discourse has extensive trust level system and I am sure that after some time some people will get higher levels which may include longer editing times.

I don't see the "like" icon below Milosz's article. It's frustrating. :slight_smile:

Yes I noticed that too, but apparently that is “how it is” because first thread’s post can be voted. So cast your vote on Miłosz post. Votes have higher “value” than likes.

I found this https://meta.discourse.org/t/plugin-feature-voting-separated-from-likes/38772 which explains why.

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Yet another example from Plottext Dynamic String Variable

And that is precisely why it is disallowed. We don’t want “disappearing” content just because original poster’s problem is solved. No. You come here not only to receive and delete once your problem is solved but also to give back to community.

Agreed & well noted.

So post corrected code as a reply in the original thread. That would be giving back.