Elliot Wave for AB - don't use 3rd party plugin mentioned in this thread!

Currently I’m on trial with amibroker and I'm quite impressed. The additional product, which is elliot wave for amibroker, let me be aware of amibroker since I'm interested in trading with elliot wave and been looking for a way to roughly automatize it. I know that any problem related to elliot wave for amibroker is not supported by amibroker; however, I was told that the problem is caused by amibroker itself since the trial version is not the latest version and the product is only compatible with the latest version. Therefore, I’m kindly asking is there any way to experience latest amibroker as trial?

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Oupps! I think I spoke to fast. Yes you need a version AB with matrix

Hi PanoS,

Thanks for your attempt to help me out. Amibroker’s trial version is 6.00 official release, later versions are not subject to trial at the moment. Quoting from the download page: “Version 6.20 official as well as newer betas are available to registered customers only”

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Where did you find elliot wave plugin for amibroker? As far as i know there is no such thing. Can you post a link to this plugin?

I am also curious about your Elliotwave Plugin for AB. Please post a method I can download it.
thanks in advance, 3rduncle

hello @3rduncle
Lets make it clear…i didnt say it is mine.

i just use the pluging and i was speaking about how fast and good it is . that`s all…

It is very easy to Google and find the link, as it is the exactly same as the subject without the spaces.
if you register to AmiBroker you can go to members library area and find more info.


already download but no showing anything when i clicked view

already follow step by step :frowning:

  1. AutoF
  2. Load
  3. View

is that right?

After few P.M we had with @adiwijaya

He solve this problem since he change the parameters of “D:\Waves\” to “C:\Waves\”

Reason was that he didnt have a partition or hard drive D

@Tomasz, Reqest you develop EW automatic analysis as you have the skills & capacity to do that kind of complex coding.


I became interested in Elliot Wave and looked up this thread. I can't comment on the above referenced plug-in, but i decided that coding it was too much of a burden for me.
I did find the link below which goes into considerable detail about how it works with code in a particular language,

We highly DISCOURAGE using this plugin.

The plugin violates good practices and ruins user experience when running AmiBroker due to display of message boxes during startup and blocking proper loading of AmiBroker.

If vendor does not fix that immediatelly we will BAN this plugin from AmiBroker.

The EW plugin EWCount.dll mentioned in this thread hits lots of RED FLAGS at VirusTotal. DO NOT USE IT !