EMA alternative code using AFL

Hi all
will you please provide me with EMA code using AFL

alternative to EMA built in

thank you

experts AFL
Is there a code for my request ?
Or the request does not have an idea for you to benefit from it in trading

thank for reading my comment

The general formula for calculating an EMA is available online. You haven't posted your attempts to code it yourself and also haven't said why you don't want to use the built-in EMA function provided by AmiBroker. Until you do those things, most members of the forum aren't going to be too eager to spend their time guessing at a solution or doing all of your work for you.


1- do you think i do not know the formula for calculating EMA
i know
2- (why you don't want to use the built-in EMA )
what i need is the first EMA calculation ( is it the last close price), and i will use it for modify the formula

3- (most members of the forum aren't going to be too eager to spend their time guessing at a solution or doing all of your work for you)

what is the forum for,

And when you talk about the indicators that already exists, have you seen other programs and how many indicators are there?
so it is not the point .

let me go to trade not learning AFL

I know the basic of AFL but the advance I do not have the time.

please no need for guessing a solution if you know AFL programming please test it before you post the solution .

thank you for your great support as always

Certainly everyone needs to decide how much time and energy they are willing to spend becoming proficient with AmiBroker as a tool and AFL as a programming language. That decision comes with a secondary choice: what will you do when your goal requires a bigger skill set than you currently possess? A couple of options are:

  1. Find someone else with the required skills and pay them to do the work for you

  2. Read the documentation and do research in this forum and on the internet so that you can attempt your own solution. If/when you get stuck on a specific problem, ask the forum for help.

What's not really an option is to make no effort of your own and then ask the group to provide a fully coded and tested solution. Most of the members I know are here to help you learn how to be a better AFL programmer, not to provide free coding services for people looking for handouts. A good rule of thumb is to never expect the forum members to expend more time and effort providing a solution than you have spent yourself.


thank you for your great support as always

Wow, I expect when there are people like you, the number of buyers and forum members will increases

do you think i will find you in freelancer.

did you read this


do you think they know if they buy the software they will end up hire AFL programmer and they will pay 10 times the price of the software
or they will learn AFL codding .


i do not want to Compete with you in freelancer.

i think the discussion getting away of the main topic

think you

As @mradtke has written, the forum is for users to help others who are attempting to become better with their AmiBroker skills. The helpful members hope that those who get help will in return help other members of the forum as their skills improve. That is what helps grow both the forum and the overall AmiBroker community.

@needhelp you have made it clear that you have no interest in learning AmiBroker so that implies that you will not be helping anyone else on the forum. You will become a "help vampire".
From internet search, A person who requests answers and solutions from a community while giving nothing in return

Good luck!


@needhelp - writing AFL formulas is really not a rocket science. If you want to be successful in TRADING (and I assume that is the reason why you are here), sooner or later you need to learn basics of formula writing because systematic trading requires formulation of your trading rules in some kind of mathematically strict/ formalized way (a formula) and proper backtesting/verificiation.

You might choose NOT to learn, but then the MARKET will teach you. And it will be costly lesson. Way more costly than software price.


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