Email STMP server not working for me

New to Amibroker. It's a steep learning curve and I have managed to crack most hurdles so far, but not this one.

I am running Amibroker 6.40 (64 bit) on Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview, running on Parallels 17.1.4 which is running on an M1 Macbook Pro 14 inch running Monterey 12.4

I installed the EmailerSSL add on, and ran it as an administrator and have relocated it fromt he 32 bit folder to my 64 bit folder.

I have disabled the virus scanner.

I have entered the SMTP server name, set port to 465 and checked 'Use secure SSL' in amibroker.

I have tried all of the Authentication Methods

I entered my credentials (trying both username AND in the User name section in Amibroker and obviously my password.

I got the error message;
Unexpected AUTH LOGIN password response, Last Response 535-5.7.8 Username and Passowrd not accepted

So I set up a new gmail account especially and got exactly the same result.

I dug out an old hotmail account I am no longer using to see if I could get some success with that....

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 10.53.06 pm

I tried using POP before stmp and going with as the server and port 995. No dice. I tried on port 587, again no luck.

I'm out of ideas. Help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

@SpandexMan please, check this thread to address the recent changes of the GMail security policies.

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Yeah, thanks for that, Beppe.

Unfortunately, I tried the solution but was unsuccessful.
I've followed all the steps in the linked post and got the message 'No such host is known"

After that attempt,I then tried setting up SMTP relay service within gmail for 'Any Addresses' and that didn't work. Again, I got the message 'No such host is known'.

I also tried changing the SMPT server name to '' and that did not work. 'No such host is known'

It doesn't feel like I am going to get this to work with Gmail, but neither is it working with my old hotmail account. I really don't understand, because I have followed all the steps in the page on configuring alerts in the amibroker knowledge base. I've engaged the solution posted by Tibetan Tree Frog for gmail.

I set up an account with sendinblue
I get this error message.

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 8.49.32 am

but then I unticked the 'Use secure SSL connection and it workls!!!!! I'm going to have a coffee to celebrate!

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You have problems because you are using wrong ports.
Port 587 is NOT for SSL, it is for TLS.
Port 465 is correct port for SSL.

So if you wanted to use SSL you had to use port 465.

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Thanks Tomasz. And thanks Beppe.
I'm using 587 without SSL now via sendinblue as the smtp server and it is working fine for me and 465 does not work for me regardless of whether I use SSL or not.
I did use 465 with and SSL, and ran though the solution posted by TibetanTreeFrog but it did not work.
It does seem to be working for now so I think I might just leave things alone.

SendInBlue free tier allows 300 emails per day, which is orders of magnitude more than what I need.

If you searched for SSL connection error:140770FC you would find linked php - SSL connection error:140770FC - Stack Overflow article that explains that SSL is outdated and gmail probably stopped supporting it, so TLS is the only option.

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Spandexman, did you try this? it is very important if using gmail.

log in to your google account In Google Security "Less Secure Apps" turn OFF. Enable 2-Step authentication. Search for "App Passwords", and under "Select app" select "other" then under device type "Amibroker" without the quotes, then press "Generate" button. This produces a 16-digit passcode that is then used in Amibroker in place of your Gmail account password.


Yes, thanks for that. I did try, but unfortunately it still did not give me an email.

I've found a work around which works for me. Thanks for checking in.

Glad you found a solution!

Perhaps you could explain your solution, maybe it will help others.

I found this SMTP provider.
It’s all fairly self explanatory and you can keep your own email and deliver them to yourself also. I think I don’t use a secure SSL on the settings, so it could be intercepted so take care with the content.
I haven’t been using the email function so much recently, as I’m trying to develop a fully automated solution, and when I do send alerts, I do the telegram alerts.

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I follow the solution by @rajandran here to get alerts to myself. It just feels like a better workflow than email.

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