Emailing The Explore window

Hello, is there a way to email the table from the explore window automatically after it's generated to someone ? i checked out the SendEmail function but it only sends a message.

I don't believe there's a way to do that directly. One alternative is to create a batch file that performs the following steps:

  1. Run the Exploration
  2. Save the output as a CSV file
  3. Call an external utility to mail the CSV file to the recipient

@mennatareeq, as indicated by @mradtke, the batch functionality of AmiBroker is suited for this kind of task.
Here is a sample batch I use (I export data in HTML format):


The "Execute and Wait" command, in my case, runs a DOS batch file that sets the correct environment and then calls a Python script (similar to the ones described here) to send mail and attachments.
(If you'll use a Gmail SMTP server you need to take care of the "Less Secure Apps" settings.)

I use Python, but I'm sure a Google search will find other scripting languages examples to accomplish the same functions.


Great. Thank you so much!