Embedded format to import Aux1 Aux2

I'm trying to import Aux1 and Aux2 as separate file but it fails...

dafault.format exists but I leave it empty

Is Aux1 and Aux2 quotation data??

Just found that
was needed

Not only that. You need to follow instructions given in the Knowledge Base

Thank you for your response.

I think I will use synthetic tickers because I will probably need more data down the road.
I'll use just EOD data for the synthethic data, like maybe 5 synthetic tickers for every regular ticker.

The database is all US stocks, around 6k symbols. One minute data.
Will these synthetic tickers degrade explorations performance?

I suppose I will have to exclude them in afl code with some flag. Planning to use Aux1 set to 1 in all synthetic tickers to exclude them.

I will use Foreign calls to lookup daily data in them.

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