Ent. & Exit signals not generating

Entrance and exit signals do not generate at appropriate crossover locations. I don't know anything about coding or much of anything about how to maintain amibroker. I have been using the same program over 10 years and it only recently started these failures. I suspect I have just overloaded my system with 10 years of use and thousands of different "systems". Everything is working in terms of correct/selected data being plotted. It just doesn't generate entrance or exit signals except about 10% of the time. It is like there are an accumulation of "filter" selections floating around in the program that are blocking the signals. Long story, greatly appreciate any help. I'm afraid to do anything like "database purify", etc. for losing what I do have. I can use my system just by visually seeing where the signals would normally be. I fear losing what I do have!!

I think that your should debug carefully your AFL code. You can find a very interesting post here:

Thanks for suggestions.