Enter after 2 or 3 signal failures

hi all
can anyone help me make an exploration which identifies symbols where

  1. for example ma crossover of 5 over 20
  2. but last 2 buy signals have resulted in loss
    3)buy only if last 2 signals have failed (resulted in loss)
    4)or short only if last 2 signals have failed

and thanks in advance

nitin bagadia

@n_bagadia there is a big difference between helping someone to correct or improve his own code and writing a custom code (meeting someone's criteria) from scratch. In your case you are not expecting help - because apparently you have put zero effort into finding a solution to your own request. You just expect someone else to do the whole work for you. So don't call it help ...


thanks for the motivation

will write a code and test

nitin bagadia

@n_bagadia you can get some ideas from searching this forum, as in the post



exactly what i needed

nitin bagadia