Entry on stop signal

Hi all,

firstly a confession - I am VERY basic when it comes to programming, however I am proficient with these types of things so I am planning to teach myself.

As a starting point I am using the 'wizards' included in the software and going from there. I am at a loss with something, when I run the back test it seems to be entering positions on my trailing stop signal, which is not part of the plan. I have tried everything I can find, and searched high and low but can't seem to prevent this. I am guessing there is a simple fix but I can't find it!

"trail" within brackets means that a trade was exited via trail stop.

Long/Short without anything within brackets is regular Sell/Cover exit.
Open Long/Open Short means that trade is still active without any exit.

(Besides it is forum rule to include actual code for help.
No one can view your screen.)

Ah OK, thank you. So if the trade is say 'Long' with nothing in brackets, then the exit is due to contract expiration? And if it says 'Open long' then the position is still active?

Getting my head around this!

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