Entry signals after a skipped signal seem to be ignored?

Referring to the screenshot below, can someone please explain why after the 'DYN-201804' trade is skipped all trade signals that follow are skipped, as far as I can tell, there are sufficient funds in the account?


This topic is very similar, but does actually seem to be down to insufficient funds...

Just read what AmiBroker tells you in red line, and it tells you this:

DYN-201804 not entered because of insufficient funds or wrong position size/value (reqEntryPrice 2159.454, reqEntryPosSize: 1000, reqLotSize:1 )

You attempted to spend $1000 on instrument that costs $2159.454 and you asked to use LOT SIZE of 1, which means that you can only buy integer number of shares/contracts.

But for ONE contract/share you have to pay $2159.454, but you only allowed $1000 size.

Your requirements can't be met so signal is not acted upon for reasons that AmiBroker exactly described in error message.

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Thank you for your reply Tomasz.

But why are the other trades skipped?

Because once one error of insufficient fund or wrong position size is encountered in any given bar, lower scored signals are skipped (for that bar). Score is most important. If you want other signals to be used you have to define your position score so they are ranked higher.

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Thank you for the explanation.

Now I know this behaviour I can work around it.

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Have you found a solution for this problem?

Solutions on this forum are marked as Solution - see post #4: Entry signals after a skipped signal seem to be ignored? And no it is not a problem. You should ORDER your signals (via PositionScore) in the way you want them to be executed.