EOD Google Finance speed of download: Amiquote versus YLoader

I just wanted to test Amiquote EOD data download speed, because, on my 64-bit machine, I was surprised it takes so much time to operate. It took several hours to download all historical data from Google (6685 tickers), but I was surprised, the day after, that for just downloading the last bar, 1 quote for each ticker, it still took for ever (more than an hour and 15 minutes actually).
So I decided to check if another quotes downloader, namely YLoder, a free software, was as long to operate. For that purpose I created exactly the same text file as the amiquote tls file contianing the 6685 US market symbols of Google Finance, a simple .txt file.
Here is the test:
Update the last bar of daily quotes for 6685 symbols from Google Finance respectively on Amiquote 3.30, then on YLoader.
Time to complete the update on Amiquote: 1 hour 25 minutes
Time to complete the update on YLoader: 4 minutes + another 22 seconds to import them into Amibroker (Amiquote does that automatically).
That is a very very huge difference; from now on, I will continue to use the yLoader app, and I would kindly suggest that Amibroker developers modify the Amiquote routine to accelerate the process.


Download speed does NOT depend on AmiQuote, but on the SOURCE server speed.

Google has many different servers but they offer different data sets.

You've got the difference most probably because AmiQuote uses different server that supports FOREIGN markets (like NSE), not only US, and various mixtures of intraday not only EOD and does not really support ONE QUOTE downloads.

For ONE quote per bar you need to use Tiingo Current which gives 7000 symbols in few seconds. Which again shows that it depends on SOURCE server.

Got it, thanks - I am going to try Tiingo and see if it makes a difference in the speed of download.