~~~Equity starts at 10,000.01 instead of 10,000.00


does anyone know why, after running a back testing with initial Position of 10,000 (ten thousands)

Cash=Param("Cash Account",10000,0,10000,1); 
SetOption("InitialEquity", Cash ); 

the symbol ~~~Equity is set at 10000.01 if I use 2 decimal and .007 if I use 3 decimals?
I have also tried to create a new ticker in the back testing:

e = bo.EquityArray();
AddToComposite( e, "~$CI_Daily_Equity", "X",atcFlagDefaults |atcFlagEnableInPortfolio);

and it has the same problem.


Any help is welcome.

Read this: How do I debug my formula?
and always, I mean ALWAYS run “Detailed log” before posting anything on the forum. We don’t have crystal ball and magic mirror here and we don’t see your computer screen and really can’t tell remotely if you did not for example turned on interest earnings and did not gain 0.01 from interest on very first bar.

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