Error 711 custom backtester with exclude function

I use a script that uses the custom criteria fit with the custom backtester.

I use the exclude unwanted step like is advised in the manual.

However, every time I start the AFL it doesn't have a value for my customcriteria fit parameter and it shows error 711 and it gets stuck and I can only close Amibroker to get out this error.

It shows error 711 optimization result cannot befound.

This only happens if I add the exclude command with some criteria of unlogical parameter settings. Appearantly the starting parameters cause several runs that do not have a valid custom criteria. I can't find in the help how I could avoid this error message in this case.

I have several parameters and about 10% of them don't give any trade at all. Because the parameters represent pricepatterns that are found by optimizing this can happen.

A workaround is to edit the AFL and set exclude=0 and then start the AFL and stop it after a few seconds. After that I remove exclude=0 and then it wil run for a couple of hours with
no problems. Appearantly after a few seconds running without the exclude function the parameters get into a state where a normal walkforward run can start.

I do not really understand why this happens when starting because while it runs there are also non valid excluded values for the custom criteria but once it runs it will never stop with the same error.
Maybe the number of excluded parameter settings in a short time cause the stop but I am guessing how I could fix this. Appearantly it only happens when starting.

Thanks for your help if anyone has run into this and found a workaround.

I found with different timeframes settings or tickers it will always have error 711 when adding exclude. So the case above was just a workaround of pure coincidence.
So no workaround sofar.