Error in VarSet(), VarGet() in outdated 6.27.0 BETA

In version 6.27.0 BETA (outdated already), I noticed with unusual behavior functions VarSet, VarGet:

VarSet("A1", 112);	 
VarSet("A2", 222);	 
_TRACE("Dynamic variable A1="+VarGet("A1"));

The function VarGet always returns a value from the last call VarSet, the name of the dynamic variable does not matter.


In my case (AB 6.27.1) everything is OK:


There was a bug in 6.27.0 related to VarSet/VarGet and for this reason the next version was released:

Try upgrading to 6.27.1

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Hmmm, I wonder, why in my case i get an error

Thanks a lot! It helped.

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