Error message - dont know how to fix - memory related

Hey guys,

I was running through a large sample of optimizations when AB crashed and came up with the following error message

" Error 47 - Out of Memory when allocating variable"

I have no idea how to fix this - I've tried looking at other memory related error messages but the terminology here is too technical for me

Any help would be appreciated. I've been using AB mainly for backtests and Optimizations the last couple months. My guess is part of the data gets saved somewhere in the backend after i complete a run. I'm not sure where but would, in theory think its due for a clean up.

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Memory means RAM in the simplest way.
Check how much free RAM you have in the Windows Task Manager. Usually, if there are no memory leaks etc, then you are just running out of physical RAM and would nead more of it, like an upgrade.

You have not provided useful details like your System specs etc

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As @nsm51 already wrote you - you are running out of RAM. This can happen for example if you are creating tons of static variables and don't delete them. Or when your in-memory cache is set too high. Or if you are using Chrome or Firefox with hundreds of tabs open. Browsers nowadays can consume several gigabytes of RAM (that is absurd if you ask me). Once RAM is consumed there is no other option than to lower the consumption. Close browsers and other memory-consuming programs. Decrease in-memory cache settings. Delete static variables. Use links provided by @nsm51

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Thankyou much appreciated,

A quick restart of the computer and running database maintenance seems to have done the trick!



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