Error using Yahoo Current day


Today I got an error when trying to download data from Yahoo - using current day data.

The error is (when double click on message):

Yahoo! - 999 Unable to process request at this time -- error 999Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999.

Anyone that knows what this means? Never seen this before.

The error means what is says, i.e. Yahoo is not able to process request at this time.

Quotes are available from all other sources (Yahoo historical, Google, Tiingo, QuanDL, Stooq).

i have the same problem

is there any other alternative for current day bar?

RIP Yahoo finance API.

They either have outage or decided to stop the “current” service.

Still quotes are available from all other sources (Yahoo historical, Google, Tiingo, QuanDL, Stooq).

I see that as next opportunity for Tiingo (@Rishi_at_tiingo). “Current” mode would deliver quicker downloads.

@Tomasz I’m thinking of allowing bulk download endpoint that lets people get the latest values in a single query. I’ve been experimenting with this for a new crypto feed that’s launching shortly (will be included for power users), and it’s incredibly fast.

Will look to get bulk day download started this week and wrapped up mid next week :slight_smile: will take this to PM when I get the beta so I can make sure it fast for all AmiQuote users

will we be able to update todays daily bar during the market open hours (with 15 min delay) and not wait a few hours after the market closes to get the bar ?

In the meantime as I only use two indexes for the most part I am manually updating using AB Quote Editor. I will keep watching this thread. Good luck with the bulk download. Looking forward to it.

I also have this problem, exactly I think. I’m trying to download the Australian ASX symbols (e.g. NAB.AX). Yes the various setups work OK except “Yahoo Current”. I have looked at the function dayofweek() to see if Yahoo is misunderstanding the timing. I notice that Yahoo is now interpreting the days incorrectly. For example, today just finished is Thursday. Yahoo sees the 16 day sessions leading up to today as this string: Sunday 15 Oct, Monday 16 Oct, Tuesday 17 Oct, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 2 Nov. So Yahoo is misunderstanding the days. Does that suggest a way to fix the problem?

If all you need is the current bar you can use yahoos historical data to get it. Its slower than current but it works fine.

@Tomasz Yahoo historical for amiquote does not allow for it to run automatically every minute but it provides the necessary current daily data during the market hours. Would you please consider changing that now that the yahoo current is not working anymore?

maybe it wiil get fixed

“The new download issue which began 11/01/17 and returning an error 999 for most users is currently being investigated and we hope to have it resolved soon”

It seems that Tiingo will be real alternative to Yahoo Current for US stocks sooner than I thought (will provide more info soon). Tiingo performance with current price updates looks really good in first tests. Yahoo situation is still an issue for non-US markets though.

Yahoo Current service seems to be terminated permanently by Yahoo, see their forum and their Users’ Voice page

Since Tiingo delivers viable alternative an update replacing Yahoo Current by Tiingo is in the works.

Will that be for ASX also? Alternatively, how do I convert my *.TLS file to make it work for Google finance? or even QUandDL?

As unreliable as Yahoo Finance has been, maybe its best making the change to another data vendor. I’m sure Tomasz would prefer not to have to update amiquote every few days at the whims of Yahoo.

Tiingo currently covers only US stocks and funds.
As for Google and .TLS files - the files are universal - work with any source. But Google does not provide historical quotes for ASX.

As far as ASX is concerned you can use Yahoo Historical that continues to work. Or switch to Premium Data for extra comfort.

How do we download and import daily data each day using Yahoo historical without erasing the historical database on import?

AmiBroker/AmiQuote never erases anything. You just set “From” date to the latest date you already have in your database and it will download and update data from that date upto current one. Old quotes will remain untouched.