Error with TWS: Your API version does not support fractional volume rules

Hello, i have the same problem as 1 year ago, after stop using TWS for data, i used it again and now i was forced to upgrade it and i got the next error: "Your API version does not support fractional volume rules. Update to a minimum version 163." I saw some of you had the same error and the solution was use the 983 version, but now it is obsolete and cannot be used. How can i solve it.

First this message is not an error. It is "notice".
You can just ignore that message. It is meaningless , harmless and does not really do anything and does NOT affect operation of data plugin. The data plugin does NOT send orders at all, therefore message about fractional volume orders is nonsensical with regards to data-only plugin.

Old TWS versions can of course be used. They are better than new, just because they are actually working best.

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