Errors when trying to go back a page

Just a very unimportant thing but I wanted to inform you.

When I browse the forum, when I enter a thread and then want to return to the previous page with the Google Chrome arrow, the forum remains locked and does not change. A blue line appears above the forum header that does not load completely.

My version of google Chrome:
Version 123.0.6312.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

To fix it, I have to reload the page again. Even clicking on the community forum logo doesn't solve it. Still blocked.

Any solution? Thank you so much.

@yonsi72 I have the same version on Windows 10 and it works perfectly.
Maybe you have some Chrome extension that is interfering with normal behavior.

Thank you very much beppe for responding,

I have Windows 10 Home (v. 22H2) purchased and in Google Chrome, I only have one extension (Resize Gmail Sidebar by cloudHQ which is activated in Gmail to customize the width of the columns).

Not only does this happen to me that I mentioned, for example right now I was trying to respond to you by clicking on "reply" to your comment and nothing happened. I had to reload the page again and it let me respond.

That is to say, I have to reload the page or return to the beginning of the forum on several occasions and those blue lines appear above the header of the website that do not reach the end and thus remain frozen.

That is, I have some errors in the functioning of the Community forum but I don't know what it could be.

Are you sure that is the only extension? Don't you have ad blocker?
I am running with uBlock Origin and DarkMode reader and it works just fine in all browsers including Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave (all Chromium based) as well as in Firefox.

Hello Tomasz,
First of all, congratulate you for the work you have done and continue to do. I am very excited about purchasing amibroker and I have high expectations for everything I see that can be done with this tool.
Look, I attached a video of right now when I was trying to respond to you...again I have to reload the page because it didn't respond to me.
I also attached an image of my Google Chrome where you can see that I only have one extension.
What I do have activated is Google's English to Spanish translator and I think that is what is causing the problem.
In fact, I have tried it without the translator and everything seems to work fine, for the information of others.
Thank you so much

Yes translators quite often cause problems with web pages. Translators inject Javascript into pages, and some pages like Discourse use Javascript. Javascript is used heavily by Discourse to optimize performance and to avoid reloading the whole page. Disourse is very smart not to transfer lots of data. When Translators' Javascript is injected it harms inner workings of the web page that relies on Javascript.

BTW: The only 2 parties that might fix this conflict is Discourse team and Google Translator team.

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Or that I would learn English once and for all and not need the translator... :sweat_smile: