eSignal Data Manager will close service?

Today I received this email

Please be advised that as of your next monthly billing date of 12/9/2020, the Product will no longer be available under your eSignal account. As of such date, you will no longer receive or be invoiced for the Product.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate your business and hope that you will consider transitioning to our eSignal Suite of software products .

If you have any questions or need further assistance please feel free to Contact support team.

ICE Data Service

Does anyone know if simply, ICE has sold the eSignal asset to some other company, or if they close the Data Manager service, because they intend to force the use of their graphic product only?

Finally, do you know other than Interactive Broker alternatives that have good quality?

Greetings to everyone

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Just ask eSignal at the "contact support team" link.
You can also use eSignal own forum.
I am not aware of any changes in eSignal, they did not contact us and I am really not in position to comment on eSignal / ICE business plans.

Good alternative is IQFeed.

More information here:

hi, thanks for coming back to the topic

Over time I chatted with various support people.
Chat of October 20
(21:18:34) SaAng Soeurn said: it's something that the ICE service no longer offer.

November 13th chat
Support answers question
(18:27:27) Eric LeClerc said: none, someday theymight come out with something else but there is nothing in the works at the mnoment

So from what I understand, you can only use their software for viewing charts and for auto trading. You cannot receive prices through APIs that hook into the data manager because third-party products are no longer served.

In the meantime I have opened a commercial channel with another data provider but I do not deny that I was better off with eSignal.

Considering the many contacts you have, and the global vision from your perspective, if you notice any difference from what I have reported, I would be grateful if you update me here or in private

Did you read what I wrote in that post: AmiBroker 6.38.0 RC released It explains everything. There is a difference between what their support says and what actually works.