eSignal Extended Data not going far back in time

Hi All,

I just subscribed for esignal extended which should provide 1min stock data as far back as 10 years ago. However, the farthest historical data I have is from April 2018. I called eSignal and they told me I have the data package correct. I've also tried to set up a new database, re-entered my password and username, checked the "use extended intraday data request" box and set the number of bars to 1000000. All these with no luck. Is there something I might be missing? Thanks for your anticipated help.

Did you choose "Force backfill" after you changed the settings?

Keep in mind that merely changing number of bars does not trigger re-download of all history. AmiBroker follows eSignal usage guidelines (that eSignal support staff should know) and does NOT do excessive downloads. Normally only requests data from most recent available quote to "now".

Only if you do "Force backfill" it will re-request entire data set for given symbol upto number of bars currently defined in the Settings. It is explained in the manual:

Really please, the document mentioned above is a part of Tutorial section of the User Manual. Reading entire Tutorial is the best thing you can do to become proficient user.

I found the solution my number of symbols limit was set at 500 instead of 200. I just found this -

The problem was I believed blindly in this statement. "(If you exceed the limit of your subscription AmiBroker will re-adjust this number down)". It probably should be reworded or removed. Thanks for your help and please don't bash me. I've been doing this for 3 months and I've tried not to ask any questions. Hopefully, I can keep that going.

For what it is worth, the limit applies to RT streaming, not backfill. But anyway if that helped, then OK.

I had a similar issue and force backfill didn't work. However, removing the symbol and then adding it again did the trick.

Just checking - how far back where you able to fill 1min stock data @ eSignal and could you schedule batch backfills to slowly download all stock tickers?

Use Wait for backfill option it is in the Analysis window. How far back? It depends how many bars you choose in File -> Database settings, but 10 years are definitely possible.