eSignal Indices Not Updating is RealTime

In Amibroker Indices are NOT updating live. Futures, and stocks are updating. Symbols for Indices begin with "$" sign, like $NIFTY-NSE, $BANKNIFTY-NSE etc. I confirmed subscription for Indices is current. eSignal closed my service request by showing that indices, like futures and stocks, were updating live in eSignal signature and there is no issue from their side and suggested me to takeup with Amibroker.

Please help to fix the issue.

Currently, eSignal Dll version is installed in my system(Amibroker Ver 6.35).

In case, fixing the issue involves changes in the eSignal RT data plugin, may I request to configure bid and ask fields to Aux1 and Aux2 , also?

Your post is missing crucial information: Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit AmiBroker?

If you are using 64-bit version later than 6.27, you would need to do this:


Mine is 64-bit Amibroker version.
downloaded above recommended dll and replaced it in the Plugins folder.
After that charts of all symbols have gone blank. Following is happening:-
(a) The status bar is blank. Plugin status is neither red or green.
(b) In drop down menu of "Database settings", Data source drop-down menu is also not showing eSignal RT data Plugin

You need Microsoft runtime for VC++2005

Thank you very much, I will be able to check live on Monday. Hopeful!!

Yes, following steps helped:-
(a) replacing plugin suggested by you.
(b) Installation of of Microsoft Visula C++ 2005 Pack 1

The charts of indices (esignal symbols beginning with $ ) are working correctly now in realtime.

Thank you very much.