eSignal Volume data on AmiBroker

I'm pulling data onto Amibroker with Esignal but there is an error coming with the volume data. The data for volume for the day is visible on the Esignal symbol monitor but it shows 0 on interactive. Also when I force backfill it during the day the volume sill remains 0.
Is there any way I can get the proper volume data.

We don't see your computer screen. You need to tell the symbol you have trouble with and AmiBroker and eSignal version numbers and the screenshot because you say "it shows 0 on interactive" and I have "interactive" you mean. See How to ask a good question

Also make sure that you are using registered email address for this forum as we can't verify your license status if you are using different address.

Normally it just works. AmiBroker shows exact same data as eSignal as eSignal plugin just delivers what it receives from eSignal servers without any modification at all.

I'm attaching a screen shot of the exploration of the various NSE Symbols for their volume.

Is there any way to be able to pull the right volume data for the day?

Also I've attached the volume chart of CHOLAFIN.EQ-NSE along with the Esignal Symbol Monitor, where we can see the difference in the volume data.

eSignal data monitor shows different thing (not historical data but snapshot).

You need to send screenshot from:

  1. Quote Editor (Symbol->Quote Editor) not Analysis window
  2. Real Time Quote window (Window->RT quote) with relevant symbols added

Also verify if you are getting volume for US symbols like say MSFT, GOOG, AAPL, SPY

The Quote Editor is showing the volume as ) whereas the Real Time Quote window is showing the volume is showing the right volume data.
Is there any way we can get the real time data on the daily chart?

So the volume is perfectly normal, except the very last EOD bar on the chart only. What are your File->Database Settings ? And does Time&Sales window show correct trades

Yes the last bar of the EOD data is the only place the volume isn't visible.
I'm attaching the setting below.
I tried to tick the box for Allow mixed EOD/Intraday data also but the error still remains.

The database settings are incorrect. eSignal plugin does not support "EOD-only" mode. It must be mixed intraday/EOD with intraday base time interval selected.

Correct settings are given in the Users' Manual so it should be:

  1. Number of bars: 150000 (or more)
  2. Base time interval: 1-minute
  3. Allow mixed EOD/Intraday data turned ON