ETF for GICS levels

Hello again, I'm really liking Norgate Data.
I have created a wathclist with 11 ETFs (from Groups/Exchange Traded Fund) to represent the 11 GICS Sectors. For example, to represent "GICS/10 Energy" I will use "XLB Materials Select Sector SPDR ETF" or for "GICS/50 Communication Services" I will use "XLC Communication Services Select Sector SPDR ETF) and so on.
Now I want to create other watchlists with ETFs to represent the 24 GICS Industry Groups, for example for "GICS/10 Energy/1010 Energy"....but I don't know how to search in Groups/Exchange Traded Fund for what corresponds to this level.
And the same later for the 69 Industries or finally, the 158 Sub industries.
Some help?
Thank you so much

As we have directly replied to you on this, there are not many representative ETFs that specifically have GICS Levels 2-4, so your approach here is not viable.